A community-building project supporting AI in the Biosciences



Project Background

AIBIO-UK is a BBSRC-funded network to support and enhance engagement between the Bioscience and AI communities in the UK.  The network will support community events, funding of pilot projects and creation of resources for supporting use of AI in the biosciences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are used in wide-ranging applications, from self-driving cars to language translation. Recent AI applications to the biosciences have been promising (e.g. deep learning systems for the prediction of protein structure), but efforts have been uncoordinated, and limited to groups/companies with specific expertise. Our vision is to bring together AI and core bioscience researchers to unravel biological fundamentals and tackle impeding societal challenges. The network will, we hope, become the “go to” place for resources at the interface between AI and the biosciences.

How can I get involved?

As the network evolves, there will be many ways to get involved.
You can get involved if you are from the bioscience or computational communities.

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 AIBIO-UK is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation