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AIBIO-FSRN case study workshop

Responsible and Trusted Research workshop

Join us for a day of exploration into the realms of responsible research, especially in the context of biosciences projects involving AI. Our event will feature a blend of insightful talks and engaging interactive activities, tailored for BBSRC project Principals, Co-Investigators or researchers.

Location: University of Nottingham
Date: Tuesday, 16 July 2024
Time: 10am-3pm approx.
Lunch included

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AIRBDS working group for AI-ready biosciences datasets

We are excited to announce the creation of “AIRBDS” (AI-ready bioscience datasets), a catalogue aimed at being a key resource for students and researchers at the intersection of AI and Biosciences.

To make this vision a reality, we’re forming a working group to tackle important questions about dataset criteria, metadata, hosting, compilation, maintenance, and accessibility.

Applications have now closed. We will announce more soon. 

Prof Georgios Leontidis Co-hosts Scottish Government Strategic Advisory Group

On 9 May 2024, Professor Georgios Leontidis hosted a highly productive session of the Strategic Advisory Group on Applications of AI in Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture (ENRA). Georgios co-chaired this workshop with Mark Brewer (ENRA). This initiative, commissioned by the Scottish Government and SEFARI Director Charles Bestwick, saw engaging presentations and discussions. Scottish Government representatives, led by Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor for ENRA, Sallie Bailey FICFor, and Head of RESAS, Graeme Beale, along with an expert panel including Christos Tachtatzis, Elizabeth Sklar, Kate Jones, Shannon Vallor, and Jessica Enright, provided valuable insights. Key discussions focused on responsible and ethical AI, highlighted by Shannon Vallor’s expertise, a core pillar of the Scottish AI Alliance. Contributions from Scottish AI Alliance leadership, including Scot Gov’s Chief Data Officer Tom Wilkinson, were instrumental. The group’s deliberations set the stage for future policy directions, supporting the Scottish Government’s strategic goals in these critical sectors.

BioFAIR Roadshows

BioFAIR is a UKRI funded federated digital research infrastructure. They are currently running a series of national roadshows to provide updates on this initiative. See the BioFAIR website for more information.

Project Background

AIBIO-UK is a BBSRC-funded network to support and enhance engagement between the Bioscience and AI communities in the UK.  The network will support community events, funding of pilot projects and creation of resources for supporting use of AI in the biosciences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are used in wide-ranging applications, from self-driving cars to language translation. Recent AI applications to the biosciences have been promising (e.g. deep learning systems for the prediction of protein structure), but efforts have been uncoordinated, and limited to groups/companies with specific expertise. Our vision is to bring together AI and core bioscience researchers to unravel biological fundamentals and tackle impeding societal challenges. The network will, we hope, become the “go to” place for resources at the interface between AI and the biosciences.

Funding Opportunities

AIBIO-UK FlexiFund

The AIBIO-UK FlexiFund offers small, flexible grants for community events and activities. Apply here

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As the network evolves, there will be many ways for people in the biosciences and computational sciences to participate

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AIBIO-UK is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation